STEMA - Heating systems for the church

Since over 20 years our company has been working in providing special heating facilities in places of worship thanks to the long lasting experience and the know-how of our engineers.

Our technicians, our project managers and installers are dedicated to deal with several kind of heating systems: by irradiation mode, gas fired, luminous infra-red heaters, on electric supply, specifically created for churches and places alike. We can already count on more than 1000 heating systems being installed in churches all over Italy, in several climates and environments which vary as per dimensions and architecture. We have installed heating systems either for small churches or huge cathedrals, like Basilica San Lorenzo in Florence, working in close relation with all official town authorities and head management. This cooperation is vital as we are dealing with unique historical buildings renowned for their architecture and artistic painting and sculptures. Our main aim is to find the best solution to harmonize the installation of heating systems respecting safety and architectural barriers and allowing a perfect final result as for comforts and sufficient heating standard of the ambience and to create the best custom made solution for all requirements.